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There is only one Lord of the Dorks...and he does not share power...
freaking beaker out
I just spent the last couple of hours pulling the lyrics out of the PDF docs that were made available online for the three Complete Recording sets of The Lord of the Rings soundtracks, reformatting them because they didn't want to paste properly, and embedding them in the lyrics metadata for the appropriate tracks in iTunes. Why? Because I felt like it.

But the Complete Recordings? Wicked awesome. They are my Preciouses!

Now I just have to wait for November 2008 to roll around so I can buy the upcoming book...The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films by Doug Adams (no, not that Doug Adams...)

Oh, and total running time of all three Complete Recordings sets? 9 hours, 58 minutes, 10 seconds. Sweeeeet.
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