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So, I'd spent the last month and some change worried that I'd done irreparable harm to a friendship that really does mean the world to me; I'm so very happy that my friend has a capacity for forgiveness that I had underestimated. We're cool now (except for when I thank him for being so understanding; I still feel like that's awkward...)

I don't deserve friends like that, but I sure as hell appreciate them.
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Oh, hi there!

Hey, there, LJ, I didn't see you come in...

So yeah. It's been a looooooong time since my last update.

TL;DR, I'm in California now. I relocated, having gotten myself a corporate gig with the Fruit Stand, and now I"m about to sign a lease on an 709 square foot apartment in Campbell, California. I'm super stoked, and I've been working for 3 weeks now, getting my sea legs and generally trying to kick ass.

How're you?
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Hey, LJ, long time no see. Well, that's not entirely accurate. I've been keeping tabs on you, even while I haven't posted myself.

I'm back in Wisconsin after spending 20 weeks in Northern California working at the Mothership as part of a career experience. What little I can say is that I was doing QA testing on Apple Retail Store Systems software. It. Was. AWESOME. And I very much want to go back there, permanently if possible.

But I'm back in my store, getting caught up on the myriad changes rolled out while I was away. Soon I'll be back at the grind, but with an ear to the ground, an eye to the future, and the hope that I'll get a phone call asking me to jaunt back out to Cali at the drop of a hat. I'll keep a bag ready to fill just in case.
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aquarium tikis


Missed my high school fifteen year reunion today. Oh darn.

Dad's memorial service is tomorrow. Relatives I've been avoiding for years. Mom's coming, as it seems fitting, given she was married to the man for twenty-some years.
If anyone gives her grief I will rip their heads off. Not metaphorically.

I feel vaguely guilty about dad…I think I've just got grief overload this year after my rabbits both passed. I know the comparison seems ludicrous, but for the last decade of my life, my rabbits were a bigger part than my dad was. I was very very angry at him for a very long time, but I would never have wished this on him. I wish I could have seen him one more time. But I left Arizona in June knowing that if that was the last time I saw my dad, at least we parted on good terms. I would've liked one more opportunity to say goodbye, though.

So tomorrow I go and say goodbye to dad, although he's not anywhere that he can hear it.

And then I go out drinking at the local tiki bar with some coworkers, because I need the distraction.

And Monday I go to the dentist. How's that for harshing any mellow the tiki bar might bring?

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that's a paddlin'

The Triumphant Return of the Friday Five! (maybe?)

1. Would you rather be too hot or too cold? Why?
Too cold. I can put on a sweater. I can't take off skin.
2. What's your favorite way to stay cool?
Gin and tonics.
3. What's your favorite way to stay warm?
Medicinal Whiskey.
4. When you see or hear the word "summer", what comes to mind?
my lack of vacation time in the real world.
5. Any major summer plans this year?
moving my crap into my new apartment.
the Shatner, Khaaaaan!

oh good, he's not dead!

things are weird. feast and famine. highs and lows. good days and bad. I've been missing my rabbits terribly. I think of them a lot. I've also been missing Florida. I really do want to move down there. I've been trying to get in shape the last several months. I challenged myself to get back to 225 lbs. I started at 267.5, and I've got, as of Thursday morning's weigh-in, 7.3 pounds to go to get there.

I'm also trying to look after my mental health, and one of the things i'm trying to do, via, is go on at least one of what they like to call a "friend date" per week. so far so successful in April, but we'll see…I really do like socializing, but living so far away from work and most of my co-workers makes it difficult.

Dad's recuperating from his nephrectomy, and the doctors seem to think the cancer will respond well to chemo.

I have two days in a row off, starting Friday. This is a rarity. I'm giving double-red cells on Friday, and possibly hanging out with some coworkers on Saturday.

This has been a test of the emergency brain rapid ventilation system.

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Wooo! Vacation!

Because I shared them on Twitter and Facebook, and because I don't want good ol' reliable LJ to feel left out, here's links to photos from the first three days of my trip to Walt Disney World on Flickr. Days four through seven are pending…I've gotta geotag and upload them.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3