Chris (conjurdude) wrote,

I'll support your troops if you support my right to disagree.

renface told me yesterday during our Day o' Fun/Day o' Barbecue that I've become very "Damn the Man" minded lately. She likes it. My mom hates it.

My issue is right now America seems to be run by people that a.) are in bed with Big Business (Oil, RIAA, people who manufacture tacky American Flag-themed EVERYTHING) and b.) see nothing wrong with impeaching a president who lied about a blowjob while supporting a "president" who got us into a war which not only got hundreds of soldiers killed but also forced at least one other national leader (Tony Blair) to face a great deal of animosity from the public for supporting Bush II's efforts to be better than his daddy was.

The supposedly "liberal" media have joined forces with the despot who replaced his cocaine addiction with Jesus-and-Jingoism addiction and his lackey John "The Patriot Act Pitbull" Ashcroft to pull the wool over the eyes of the public. Now, if my memory for useless statistics is correct, approximately 55% of Americans polled think that at least one Iraqi was involved with flying the planes in the 9/11 attacks (nearly all were Saudi, none were Iraqi), and no one seems to notice how cleverly the politicians have moved from the "liberation" of Afghanistan to the "liberation" of Iraq. And the "weapons of mass destruction" that were so near completion that we "had no choice" but to attack Saddam are nowhere to be found. If it turns out that Bush II, knowingly or not, lied to get us into war, he is eminently impeachable for commiting High Crimes and Misdemeanors while in office.

Meanwhile, the RIAA, having been informed that they cannot file suit against the P2P companies, have decided to go after the little guy, rather than admit that their business model has been rendered obsolete by the Digital Age. What they fail to take into account is the potential backlash from consumers who don't care for this playground bully attitude. If everyone who usually buys CDs decided to abstain from buying them for X period of time (a week, a month, etc.) would the RIAA not be forced to take a closer look at their choice of technique? What frustrates me here is that it is practically impossible to mobilize the masses needed to make this work without having access to a media outlet with a small enough bias to permit it.

My "Damn the Man" attitude comes from my frustration that America, who as a nation has done great things in the past, shown great solidarity at the community level, is now polarized by partisan politics, people who vote and consume with their "belief system" rather than common sense and what is good for the nation as a whole. And those who "represent" the people, our elected officials, act in the best interest of their pocketbooks, and do the bidding of special interest groups, rather than acting in the best interest of those who elected them. They are acting like an aristocracy, an elite group of a gentrified class, rather than the mouthpiece of those who should have elected them to serve their needs and interests.

A significant number of people are against the actions of the RIAA and the laws that allow them to torment the public and that protect their overpriced, under-talented interests. A significant number of people are against the Bush regimes' warmongering and catering to Big Business. If the majority of people were against these laws and ideologies, then those in charge would have to choose between change and their own destruction.

For the sake of us, the people whose faith in our elected officials (however naive) and whose consumption habits have brought about the sorry situation that we are now in, the word needs to be spread that we can undo what we have unintentionally done. If you agree with my little rant here, please pass it along to your friends. This is how grass-roots movements get started, and it's high time that we who voice our dissent with what is done in our name, and what is done by those with power to cow us, start to rally, to organize, and to make our demands known.

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