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Karma. It is a bitch.

so Kay (roolet) ran into my old roommate Cheryl on the eL the other day. She posted a little update in her LJ, which I reprint here.

Apparently, [Dan] got sacked from the Shedd due to poor attendance. He lost the apartment uptown, and then thought he'd move back to Michigan. But for some reason he came back, and is now squatting in the 2 bedroom that Cheryl and L are splitting. Cheryl's rather fed up with him at this point. She can't wait to finish school so she can get out of Godiva. She says hi, amigo, and wonders if I can't send a carrier pigeon to her next time you're in town. They currently don't have a web connection at the new place. Oh, and bacon went back to Thorndale to get the security deposit back...apparently Samosa finally redid the kitchen.

Definitely a tasty helping of schadenfreude. Must...stop...gloating inwardly...

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