Chris (conjurdude) wrote,

That's IT, I want OFF my happy pills.

Taken from a column in the San Francisco (aka The City) Gate newspaper.

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals warned doctors that tests showed its antidepressant Effexor caused an increased risk of suicidal behavior in children, as if you needed something else to feel really good about. Wyeth is telling health professionals that clinical studies of the long-acting version, Effexor XR, found a higher incidence in children of "hostility and suicide-related adverse events, such as suicidal ideation and self-harm." No children in the tests committed suicide. The caution comes after U.S. and British regulators in June said no one under 18 should take GlaxoSmithKline's popular antidepressant Paxil because it could increase a child's risk of suicide attempts. To which you can ponder, which is more distressing and telling and odious, that we're pumping children full of antidepressants that cause severe depression and suicide, or that it simply zips right under the media radar and no one really pays any attention because we're all so wonderfully and happily caught up in the widespread effervescent joy that is the new cultural movement, the buzzing whirling joy brought about by the hot new catchphrase, "I'm lovin' it!"

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