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minor update that isn't a bunch of quizzes

so, poring over my past posts, I've noticed precious little of any actual substance. so here's a little update on what's been going on:

I rather enjoy actually having a job again. whee! gainful employment, a bi-weekly paycheck, and managers that think I'm a "rockstar" in what I do. have delivered smackdown. go me.

I got an email from my buddy Marc today. He's the guy I went to high school with, and who got married last year. He and his wife Barbara have moved to Chicago, giving me an added incentive to a.) go back for a visit, and b.) move back there.

I've printed out a form to send in with a check so I can have a paid LJ account. cuz I wanna, and I have money now (albeit a small amount that's not earmarked for bills)

Ren had her birthday today (well, yesterday), and she's engaged to Brice. yay for Renny Renny Ren Ren! *blows a little party horn*

There's a new Sandman comic coming out later this year. Yay! More of Lord Dreamshaper!

And, um...that's about it. Now I must go to bed so I can be a rockstar at work at 11. Any Milwaukee area people are encouraged to come and dine at Twisted Fork, next to the Oriental Theatre on Milwaukee's East Side.

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