Chris (conjurdude) wrote,

a few random thoughts and minor updates.

in no particular order...

Ren, I know I'll tell you this tomorrow when we go to Qdoba (yay, giving my hard earned money back to the parent company!) but I do have a b-day prezzie for you, but it's on order. more than that I shall not say.

Also for Ren; what if we took out a small business loan and made "The Waspy Nest" a trendy-on-our-terms coffee house somewhere in the area? Could be fun...

Touching on the subject of work again, I actually rather like my job. Sure, there've been a few days when I say to myself "I really don't feel like going in to work," and when my shift is winding down, I'm looking forward to getting out of there, or at least sitting down, but all in all, I really like Twisted Fork. We just need some artwork on the walls, and I'll be very happy.

And two new user icons I uploaded now that I have a paid account aren't showing up. All I get is the red-X "We don't know what picture you expect, but we ain't showing it" box. Hmmm...grrr...

And finally, why do people rarely comment on my updates? Do people even read them? I need info here...not to be confused with a desperate need for approval, cuz...uh, I don't have that...unless you want me to have that, cuz I could...if you wanted...

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