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So I just went to get a haircut. If you ask "which one did you have cut?" I will kill you. The lady asks what she should do with my sideburns. I told her just trim them off, more or less. She did. From a the distance between me and my imaginary reflection twice as far away from me as from me to the mirror (sorry, been thinking about physics class lately), it looked ok. My hair was much shorter, not nearly as weird as it was before length-wise. Then I come home and look at myself in the mirror. My sideburns are gone, yes, but gone in such a way that it's a straight line back from the squared off portion of my hairline to over my ears. I look vaguely Vulcan, but blonder. Not sure what I can do about it. Ren, when we go out tomorrow, you'll have to give me ideas.

And don't say "Just wear a hat." That won't go over real well at work.

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