Chris (conjurdude) wrote,

1.full name: Christian Matthew Weigert
2.birthday: June 13, 1980
3. location: Chicago, IL
4. where else have you lived: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and about 6 months of my life in Orlando, FL
5. school / mascot / colors: What the hell does a Wolf have to do with Ramblers?
6. zodiac sign: Gemini
7. shoe size: 10.5
3. 8. height: 5'9".
4. 9. weight: um, yes, I have it…according to me, 175-185, according to that bitch ass liar of a scale at the Doctor's office, around 200
10. pets: Honey, the poodle Chihuahua that looks like a yorkie, but she's back home with mom.
11. siblings: none, unless you count my honorary brothers :
12. eye color: blue/gray/green
5. 13. hair color: blondish brown with a hint of red
14. hair lenth: about 14mm, if the hair clippers was accurate
15. ever dyed your hair?: more than a few times
6. 16. what color? Blond, dark brown
17. grade: Um, like going into my 6th year senior status. :
18. are you good in school?: used to be…
19 hobbies: people, theatre, internet, music (not playing, tragically)
20. nicknames: I am the Strange Tiki God…or something like that
7. 21. what languages do you speak? I know little German, Italian, French, Latin
22. do you play sports? Um, nope
23. where were you born? Milwaukee, Wisconsin
8. 24. are you a night or a morning person? Nocturnal, baby.
25. are you ticklish? depends
26. do you believe in god? Yep
27. do you have any other screen names?: ConjurDude, StrangeTikiGod
28. what are they?: duh.
29. do you have braces?: used to
10. 30. do you have glasses/ contacts?: yes. Contacts and glasses. Contacts now.

+ personal

31. what do you want to be when you grow up? Actor, voice over guy, Disney Guru
32. what was the worst day of your life? The day I found out my parents were getting separated
33. what is your most embarrassing story? Too many to enumerate here
34. what has been the best day of your life? Every day I worked at Walt Disney World
35. what comes first in your life? My friends
37. what are you most scared of?: loneliness
38. if you had an extra set of eyes were would you put them? Back of my head, the obvious choice…
39. what do you usually think about before you go to bed? Mmmmmm…warm, toasty covers
40. what do you regret the most?: being such a chickenshit around the opposite sex
41. if you could be anything without consequences, what would you be?: a theatre GOD

+ favourites

42. movie: Silence of the Lambs or Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
43. song: currently "Uncle John's Band" by the Grateful Dead
44. band / group: the Dead, Styx, Domestic Problems
45. store: Penzey's Spices…that or Best Buy or the Disney Store
46. relative: do deceased relatives count? My maternal grandmother
47. sport: I like watching football…
48. vacation spot: Walt Disney World
49. ice cream flavor: Espresso Chocolate Chunk
50. fruit: name a berry…that and Asian Pears
51. candy: do Altoids count?
52. car: I miss my Festiva!
53. class: Stage Combat
54. holiday: Halloween
55. day of the week: Friday.
56. color: blue, forest green, crimson, charcoal
57. magazine: Discover, Popular Science
58. name for a girl: Naomi
59. name for a boy: Caleb
60. sports team: Green Bay Packers
61. month: June
62. man athlete: ---.
63. female athlete: ---
64. actress: Judi Densch
65. actor: Anthony Hopkins
66. tv show: The Simpsons, Frasier
67. web site:
68. animal: raccoon or sea otter
69. e-mail buddy: Renny Renny Ren Ren
70. joke: waaaaay to long and convoluted to put here
71. saying: C'est la Vie
72. word: eleemosynary
73. brand of shoes: what ever's cheap and comfy
74. radio station: WKLH, Milwaukee's classic rock station
75. room in your house: my apartment has no room
76. concert you have been to: Domestic Problems put on one hell of a show
77. cd: right now: Pink Floyd, Echoes
78. president: Teddy Roosevelt
79. salad: Chicken Caesar
80. meat: cow
81. pizza topping: cheese
82. state: insanity
83. city: Chicago, Orlando
84. lake: Michigan or Superior
85. ocean: Gulf of Mexico (so technically, the Atlantic, I guess)
86. place to be: Walt Disney World (can we say obsession?)
87. smell: cedar, pine, sandal wood
88. sound: musical harmonics
89. taste: citrus
90. feeling: that little tickle of happiness you get for no reason when hanging out with really good friends
91. college: well, Loyola sucks, so pick another…
92. number: 13
93. book: Lord of the Rings trilogy
95. grandma: mom's mom
96. grandpa: mom's dad…
97. cereal: just bare bones granola serves me fine

+ past 24 hours

152. had a serious talk? naah
153. hugged someone? Alas, no
154. fought with a friend? Nope
155. cried? nope
156. laughed? yes.
157. made someone laugh? yes.
158. bought something? No'm
159. cut your hair? no.
160. felt stupid? Several times a day
161. talked to someone you love? Well, fraternally…
162. missed someone? yes.

+ have you

163. done drugs? Booze, smokes, tried pot, not a big fan of the ganj, though
164. eaten an entire box of oreos? nearly
165. been dumped? Nope
166. had someone be unfaithful to you? No.
167. watched punky brewster? Oh dear sweet jesus how I regret that
168. hiked a mountain? Lol…in Chicago?
169. stayed home on saturday night, just because? Yep
170. been in love? I'm not sure…
171. seen the white house? On TV
172. seen the eiffel tower? Nope
173. tried smoking? Yes…
174. drank alcohol? Al-co-ma-hol!
175. smoked marijuana? Yes. Haven't in quite some time now.
176. played monopoly? Not lately
178. seen titanic? Unfortunately, yes
179. kissed someone? lol.
180. french kissed someone? LOL.
181. lost your virginity? Don't I wish…
182. tried a weight loss program? I'm waiting for the 9pm news to tell me if the ab belts work.
183. jumped on a trampoline? I would if I wasn't afraid I'd break my head open.
184. visited another country? Not even Canada.
185. colored in a coloring book? Oh yeah.
186. had a bubble bath? YEARS ago…
187. been on a plane? Many times
188. been on a boat? yep
189. been on a train? yep
190. been in a car accident? Yep…that's why I miss my Festiva
191. ridden an elephant? When I was a kid at the zoo
192. made a web page? yep
193. played with barbies? Um…I have external genitalia here, so, uh, NO
194. stayed up all night? Better question would be: Stayed up all day?
195. shoved stuff under your bed to make your room look clean? yes.
196. broken a bone? Nugatory
197. called a physchic or sex hotline? Nope. 198. watched jerry springer? Not by personal choice.
199. gotten in trouble for talking in class? When I was young , yes.
200. been afraid of the dark? yes.
201. been in the hospital [ not visiting ]? Yep…nose surgery
202. had stitches? yep.
203. dumped someone and regretted it? n/a
204. went out with more than one person at a time? nope
205. lied? Of course.
206. been arrested? Nope.
207. fallen asleep in class? Two words…Dramatic Literature…YES
208. used food for something other than to eat? no.
209. met a celebrity? nope.
210. broken the law? Yessum.
211. ever loved someone so much it made you cry? no
212. hated yourself? Only for short periods of time
213. been brokenhearted? Yeah, but not so much any more
214. broken someone's heart? nope
215. wanted to kill someone? Not literally.
216. fell off a chair?: lol…yes.
217. lap danced? Um..yep.
218. ben in a fist fight? no
219. been in a cat fight? Ah, no.

+ do you

220. like to give hugs? yes.
221. like to walk in the rain? yep
222. sleep with or without clothes on? Boxers. I live with a roommate.
223. prefer black or blue pens? black.
224. dress up on halloween? Of course.
225. have a job? Gonna be working at the Shedd Aquarium soon..
226. like to travel? God yes.
228. sleep on your side, tummy or back? Yes…
229. think your attractive? Well, I'm not butt ugly…
231. have a goldfish? Freshman year of college…pretty long lived little bugger too
232. ever have the falling dream? Those are scary. Yes.
233. have stuffed animals? I sleep with Sorcerer Mickey
234. go on vacation? Disney World all the way, baby!


235. do you belive in the horoscopes: not really.
236. do you like your handwriting: depends which day you catch me writing.
237. if you could be anybody, who would you be and why: Walt Disney.
238. what superhero would you be: Wolverine…just to have people be afraid of me, for once.
239. do you have any piercings: Left ear
240. any tattoos: not yet
242. if not, where and what do you want: not sure yet, but probably on shoulder or ankle
243. are you picky: depends.
244. what makes you cry: being lonely
245. what makes you mad: stupidity.
14. 246. what do you think of eminem: Not worth thinking about.
247. who do you admire: Anthony Hopkins, Walt Disney
248. do you like cartoons: oh yeah.
249. do you believe in the devil: I've yet to be convinced
250. what is the one place you have to visit before you die: Germany
251. what did you do today: fuck…nothing yet.
252. where do you work: nowhere yet…
253. do you even have a job you lazy bum: soon, my precious…
254. are your 'rents lame: not really
255. do you own a miniskirt: external genitalia, remember?
256. do you floss: nope
257. what is the farthest your have traveled: alone? Hawaii
258. who is a diva: Celine Dion, that bitch…
259. what kind of shampoo do you use: Head and Shoulders Refresh
260. what about conditioner: not really
261. do you use big words to sound smart: use them yes, but not to sound smart…that's just my vocabulary
262. when you get mad, do you swear a lot: I always swear a lot
263. got milk: nope
264. do you have a magic 8 ball: yep.
265. name something that comes in threes: fates
266. ever worn black nail polish: nope
267. do you have hairy arms: slightly hairier than usual.
268. how many sheets are on your bed: just a comforter
269. whats under your bed: lots of stuff I don't wanna think about
270. do you have your own tv and vcr: tv, yes…
271. do you believe in fate: nope…I'm in control, thanks.
272. do you see dead people: nope, but that doesn't mean they're not out there.
273. are you a good speller: sometimes.
274. what is your lucky charm: Jerusalem Cross
275. why do you drive on a parkway and park on a driveway: lol…
276. do you like little kids: most of the time…
277. are you talented: yes.
278. if so, how: acting…um, making people laugh…
279. ever hugged a tree: not literally
280. do you watch the weather channel while getting ready in your hotel room during vacation? yep
281. do you ever steal anything from hotels: Yeah.
282. ever seen a ghost: not yet.
283. how about an alien: nope.
284. do you beleive in either of them: Believe 'in' them, no. Believe they could exist, yes.

+ think about

285. abortion: morally against it, but state has no right to decide
286. bill clinton:
287. smoking: mmmm…cigarette
288. eating disorders: bad
289. rap: bleh.
290. jerry springer: lowest common American denominator -- stupidity
291. suicide: pointless
292. south park: used to be a amusing…now it's the Howard Stern of the animation world
293. summer: DISNEY!
294. tattoos: I want….
295. peircing: one's enough
296. make-up: only on stage.
297. drinking: yes, please
298. guys: can make some pretty kick ass friends
299. girls: confusing.

+ friends

333. friends: yes, I have them…
334. best friend: Skiffy, Andrew, Dan, Brett, Ben, Dom, Wil, Michael, et al
335. spend most time with: Dan (he is my roommate)

17. + this or that

396. pierced nose or tongue? No thanks.
397. be serious or funny? Depends on the moment.
399. simple or complicated? Yes, like good coffee
400. law or anarchy? order.
401. mtv or vh1? I hate both.
18. 402. 7th haven or dawson's creek? I hate both.
403. sugar or salt? sugar
404. silver or gold? silver.
405. tongue or belly button ring? navel.
406. chocolate or flowers? chocolate
407. angels or miracles? I've yet to see evidence of either
408. color or black-and-white photos? b + w
409. sunrise or sunset? set.
410. m&m's or skittles? PB m&m's
411. rap or rock? rock
412. stay up late or sleep in? yes.
413. tv or radio? tv
414. hot or cold? Right now I'm cold.
415. tall members of the opposite sex or short? My height or a few inches on either side
416. sun or moon? Sun
417. what time is it? 8:45pm CST
418. diamond or ruby? Diamond…though they're just rocks
419. left or right? right
420. 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend? One.
421. vanilla or chocolate? chocolate.
422. kids or not? eventually
423. cat or dog? Dog
424. half empty or half full? I ordered a cheeseburger
425. mustard or ketchup? yes
426. newspaper or magazine? Science mags.
427. spring or fall? fall.
428. give or receive? give.
429. rain or snow? rain.
430. lace or satin? satin
431. a year of hot sex or a lifetime of friendship? friends…..
432. happy or sad? At ease.
433. corduroy or plaid? I like both.
434. wonder or amazement? wonder?
435. sneakers or sandals? Both.
436. mcdonalds or burger king? either.
437. blondes or brunettes? How about reds??
438. mexican or italian food? Yes…MMMM, Leonas…MMMMMM, Chipotle
439. lights on or off? How should I know?
440. duct tape or scotch tape? What are we using it for?
441. candy or soda? soda.
442. a house in the woods or the city? A house in the woods, NEAR a city
443. pepsi or coke? Pepsi.
444. nike or adidas? Both are overpriced.
445. do you have a car: used to...
446. what kind? Ford Festiva
447. what year? 1990
448. how long have you had it? Had it back in HS.
449. If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be: Tony Hopkins
450. if you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be: See above
451. what is the biggest turn off: being ignored…that and stupidity
452. what is the biggest turn on: intelligence and sincerity.
453. do you prefer being the dumper or the dumpee: both suck
454. do you think there is a person for everyone: I sure hope so
455. if yes, do you think you'll know who yours is: not a clue
456. where is the best place to be kissed: somewhere in the vicinity of the lips would be nice
457. where is the most romantic place to take a date: dinner and the theatre
458. do you believe in love at first sight: lust at first sight…love comes later
459. have you ever been in love: I'm not sure.
460. what do you think love is: Pure and something that makes you feel complete.
474. when was your first kiss: apart from Truth or Dare? Summer between Junior and Senior years of COLLEGE!
475. what do you look for in a guy? Why am I looking for guys?
476. tough or hardcore guys? ---
477. sweet or innocent guy? ---
478. smart or athletic guys? ---.

492. what do you look for in a girl? Sincerity, intelligence, warmth, humor
493. describe your dream girl: Tuffet… :
494. long hair or short hair on a girl? Doesn't matter… whatever makes them happy.
495. straight or curly hair on a girl? ---
496. best gift a girl could give? Cuddle time… :
497. favorite perfume on a girl? Something light
498. would you go out with an older girl? Within 2 or 3 years, maybe…
499. girls with long or short nails? short
500. sweetest girl you know? Sara Walsh

+ past

501. first grade teacher's name: Mrs. Lucas
502. last word you said: "Eyelid?"
503. last song you sang: If I had a Million Dollars
504. last meal you ate: roast beef sandwich from white hen
505. favorite childhood cartoon: Disney cartoons
506. what did you hate most about school: boring subjects
507. last person you flipped off: my roommate, in jest
508. last song stuck in your head: stuff my roommate composed for a show
509. what line/verse: ---
510. last time you were burned: lighting a candle
511. how: I think that speaks for itself
512. last time you bled: yesterday
513. favorite game show as a child: Jeopardy

+ present

514. what's in your cd player: Pink Floyd, Echoes
515. what color sox are you wearing: none
516. what's under your bed: I'm afraid to look…
517. what's the weather like: supposedly snowing lightly…I dunno, it's dark
518. what is on your wall calender? Don't have one.
519. what time did you wake up today: 2pm ish
520. did you think it was earlier, later, or on time: earlier

+ future

522. are you going to college: indefinite leave of absence
523. if so, how long do you want to go: till whenever I finish
524. where do you want to go: abroad.
525. what is your career going to be: acting or Disney…maybe both!
526. where are you going to live: on earth somewhere
257. how many kids do you want: 3? Maybe?
530. where do you want your honeymoon: Disney World
531. what kind of car will you have: one that works
532. what kind of house will you have: one with a roof that doesn't leak
540. whats your favorite kind of tree? Cedar, Birch, or Pine

579. what are your last words? Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!

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