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from the "well, it's important to me, though probably no one else" department

I just got an email back from my buddy Andrew in Chicago. I'm always very very happy to hear from him, and as usual, he was brief and vaguely cryptic. :)

He reports, however, that he has gotten back together with his ex, Anna, who, after she and Andrew broke up, got married (to someone else), separated from her hubby, dated Andrew's former roommate, yadda yadda yadda, insert drâma here. Basically she's pissed him off by pissing himself off because he can't really get over/understand the feelings he still has for her.

Upon hearing this, my first inclination was to find him and smack him with a rolled up newspaper, but I shall withhold judgement until I get a chance to hear the full story.

That's all I got. Bedtime.

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