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I really put my foot in it this time...I was having yet another political/religious discussion with my mom (as in the Shrub administration, I see politics being inextricably tied to the Religious Wrong, er...Right) and I made the hotheaded comment that I wished all the whiny fundamentalists who claim they're being persecuted would actually get persecuted, just to silence their inane bleating. Mom apparently took this to mean her. She burst into tears, put on her raincoat and left. I'm hoping she just went to her Bible study, and didn't do something foolish.

Update. Mom's back home, and she knows I don't hate's really a matter of my fury being directed at those ersatz Christians who corrupt the whole premise of Christianity to fit their extremely warped views, i.e. Pat Robertson, Fred Phelps...those asshats who forget that whole "Love thy neighbor" business...

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