Chris (conjurdude) wrote,

Phone Post: transcription error? wha? I said it, how can I have botched it?

154K 0:42
“so, yeah, I'm in my garage at the moment, having a cigarette because it beats going outside to have to do that...ah, as I said earlier, I intended to post a phone post, and here it is. I think it's a pretty spiffy feature of, uh, paid accounts to be able to do this.

Umm...(chuckle) yeah, I really got nothin', I just wanted to give it a try...but, um, what's new in my life? I get to go to work tomorrow, be there at 11:30, work til 4, same thing on Sunday for the brunch crowd, and yeah...I really can't think of a single other thing to say, the day's been pretty that's it for now.”

Transcribed by: conjurdude

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