Chris (conjurdude) wrote,

Phone Post: me = big ol' dork that says "um" a lot

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“so I'm out in my garage again, uh, having another cigarette, cuz mom's asleep, and I can't really talk on the phone without waking her, cuz she's a horribly light sleeper.

Umm, but, yeah, I talked with my manager, for those of you following along at home, playing the home game, uh, talked with my manager and took care of the Problem of the Paltry Paychecks -- alliteration fully intentional there -- and, um, they're gonna cut me an extra paycheck on Friday to cover the 80-some hours that they shortchanged me a buck an hour for, inadvertently, I guess it was a snafu on the computer system or something. So that'll be nice...

Um...tomorrow, uh, Renee -- renface on LiveJournal -- and I gonna go bum around. Supposed to pour all day, as it is now, I can hear it on the roof of the garage, but we're gonna go do some random stupid stuff -- well, not stupid -- just bum around places. Um, I'm gonna go get the Two Towers Extended Edition DVD set, cuz I'm a big dork.

Um...yeah. I can't really think of anything else, I just like making phone posts. Um...that's it for now.”

Transcribed by: conjurdude

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