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my DSL line has been behaving very badly...keeps slowing waaaaaaaaay the hell down for no I keep resetting it and the router, and that makes Trillian get all pissy and makes AIM tell me my screen name is logged in at two places at once...

plus mom keeps downloading all these Internet Explorer toolbars and spyware components and all sorts of crap, and I keep having to uninstall them and tell her not to go to certain websites, because they install the crap without permission. I'm about to install Spybot: Search and Destroy on there, and just let it tell her what she should and shouldn't do.

here's a hint. if you're looking for Pampered Chef recipes, don't go to some crappy website like "," or some junk like that. you're not gonna find anything there but the XXXToolbar and My Search toolbar, plus some malware, if you're lucky.

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