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couple more quizzes, then some other stuff, then bed

:: how jedi are you? ::

in other news, as I completely forgot about the work blacks that were in the drier, I'll be getting up a little earlier tomorrow before work to re-tumble them while I shower. Then get gasohol and cigarettes, and then off to work from 10:30am-2pm. Tra la la la.

in other other news, i hung out with Ren today, went to a spiffy bookstore, got the Hobbit-filled December issue of Premiere, a Christmas present for mom, a book for me, ordered another Christmas present for mom, and read. And tried the little "healthy" thingy at Burger King. It's, er...well, it's too damned small, is what it is. And I could either get it with a salad and a bottle of water, or fries and a coke. I opted for fries cuz I wanted soda. Fries from BK=not too tasty. Sandwich=not too tasty. Soda from BK=about what you'd expect of carbonated water with some syrup. Color me less than impressed. 23 too young to be a curmudgeon?

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