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happy turkey day, all

*throws a bit of Mayflower shaped confetti in the air with low accuracy and a stratospheric level of ennui"

I gave blood again today. whee.

I ate at T.G.I. Fridays and marveled at all the flair my server had...well, no, not really...she was actually borderline annoying, but anyway. Food was kinda lousy too.

Went to Penzey's Spices. That was the highlight of my day.

Mom's going off to volunteer for a short stint at a give-Thanksgiving-meals-to-the-homeless-in-the-hope-that-you-get-them-to-find-God kind of place with some people from her church, then she's off to eat turkey day dinner at the church. I'll probably be getting some leftovers, as I really do not feel like going to the church. Now I have to say "church" about 25 more times, church church church church church, ah screw it.

Dunno what else is new. Whee

*throws more confetti and goes back to listlessly surfing the web*

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