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a bit of an update

ok, so I'm back from work, tra la la la. On the clock from about 5 minutes to 4 til about 8:25 or so. For a Friday night, tonight was DEAD. I'm talking plant-a-flower, polish-the-tombstone, hear-the-grim-reaper-using-his-grim-reaping-equipment-in-the-background DEAD. We had maybe 7 reservations between 5:30 and 8, and we never had any wait at all. My theory is that people still have relatives in town, and have decided to save money after their Black Friday shopping sprees and have turkey sandwiches and cold mashed potatoes at home.

Oh, and we also had one of the other hostesses not show up. luckily, the restaurant was so quiet she wasn't really needed.

Apart from that, yes, I did get leftover turkey and potatoes and stuffing and this fun wacky cranberry/grape/Cool Whip salad thingy that my aunt makes and that is horribly addictive. I watched the Trading Spaces Family marathon yesterday evening, at least the first stint of the 3 episodes they had on a loop. I watched the second disc of The Two Towers: Extended Edition with the Peter Jackson/Fran Walsh/Philippa Boyens commentary, and I made a fire in the fireplace. Apart from that and sitting on the computer, I really did next to nothing on Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow I work from 1-7, but I get to wake myself up at 11am so I can pick up our mail from the post office, since we still haven't replaced the mailbox that was destroyed by some little old biddy in a Chrystler or a Cadillac or a Buick or something smashing into it in the middle of the night nearly a month ago. On a similar note, either tomorrow night after work or Sunday after work, Mom and I get to go pick up a new mailbox and mailbox-holding-stake-thingy from Home Depot, which I'll probably get to install either Sunday before work, or at some point Monday morning.

You see, this is the sort of random, pointless drivel I get to write about, because nothing remotely interesting happens in Wisconsin. Sad, but true.

I'm gonna go have some Pepsi now, and maybe have some more leftovers.


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