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thus far today I've:

  • gone to bed around 2:30 am

  • been awoken at 6 am by my mom because she left her US Postal Service ID badge at home, and the postal inspectors are due in to her post office today

  • took a wrong exit driving the badge to mom and wound up in a sketchy neighborhood

  • worried that I would run out of gas in said sketchy neighborhood

  • arrived safely at the post office, delivered the badge to mom and got a little money for gas

  • got very sick of hearing about Saddam's capture

  • broken the current events down into terms an idiot can understand (The US has invaded a sovereign nation under false pretenses [WMDs! no, involvement in 9/11 attacks! no, wait, um...freeing the Iraqis from an evil dictator! one that really didn't pose any immediate threat to the US, but people are too dumb to grasp that!], killed untold numbers of civilians, and basically fucked up the infrastructure six ways from Sunday, all while acting surprised that the residents of that country are less than enthused with our methods of "delivering freedom.")

  • driven back home to sleep for several more hours

  • sawed the bottom inch off the Christmas tree we bought yesterday to expose fresh xylem and phloem (yes, I'm a dork who knows the names of the plant parts responsible for capillary action)

  • set said tree up in the front room

  • watered the tree

  • watered the other house plants

  • had about 8 cigarettes, 2 large glasses of chocolate milk and 1.5 cans of Pepsi

  • tried the oven to see if its working again

  • realized the pasta bake mom and I had planned for dinner cannot be made in an oven that does not work

And now I'm just surfing the net. Whee.

For the record, I don't disagree that Hussein was a rotten guy who deserved to be deposed. But he didn't have any WMDs that posed any threat to the US, and this was was neither just nor necessary. If previous administrations (yes, that includes Clinton, but more notably the Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush I trips to the plate) hadn't botched things horribly there, we wouldn't have even needed to worry about Saddam. And where Bin Laden, you know, the guy who had more direct ties to the attack on the WTC that Hussein ever did? And why is Dubya stonewalling with the 9/11 investigation? And why are we protecting Saudi Arabia? And does Dubya have an IQ greater or less than than a week-old grapefruit?

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