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Next week will be interesting...

Mom's going up to visit her dad (my grandfather, for those of you from Alabama that need help figuring things out) next week, leaving me on my own for most of the week. This, of course means that I'm going to throw a mammoth house party and invite all of my friends to come...over, and...

Shit, that's right, I don't have that many friends that live close enough to actually do anything with...

Plan B. Ren? Whatcha doin' next week?

No, actually, I plan on making some nice spicy chili at some point next week, with several varieties of meat. I plan to get some wine and some beer, and actually have an alcoholic beverage in this house for once. I plan to enjoy not having mom asking me to do shit every five minutes, or complaining to me about her many aches and pains which I can, of course, do nothing about. However, I also get to feed the doggie every night next week, as well...which will be oh-so-much fun and will smell rather strongly of heavily processed Grade C meat that's been canned, I'd imagine.

But hey, I'll get some beer next week. So there. Neener.

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