Chris (conjurdude) wrote,

have I mentioned how sick I am of all this Atkins diet shit? here a carb, there a carb, everywhere a carb-carb...

many people don't realize that kidney damage and higher cholesterol can result from too much meat and not enough carbs.

and the weight loss/gain yo-yo will continue. "Size 4, no, size 10, damn...ooh, size 5! Damn, up to a size 17...too much steak."

  • oh, shit.

    Godspeed, Don La Fontaine.

  • So...

    First Bernie Mac, then Isaac Hayes...who's next in the trifecta? My money's on the bartender from "The Love Boat."

  • (no subject)

    *scans the obituaries* *runs off to pry the gun from Charlton Heston's cold dead hand*

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