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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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things to be happy about...

  • Wisconsin Governor Doyle's veto of concealed weapons legislation was not overridden. Whee! No guns in the hands (or purses) of morons! I'm of the opinion that the gun is one of the most brutal, disastrous, and impersonal things ever invented. Why can't we go back to swords? Very hard for a child to cut off his head with his father's sword that's been hidden in the sock drawer...
  • I'm giving blood tomorrow. Whee! While I'm not crazy about the whole "needle going into the arm" part, I like the fact that I can do something that will help someone.
  • I should be getting my proxy ballot for my Disney stock soon. Whee! I will be voting for Eisner to step down. Yes, he turned around the Walt Disney Company 20 years ago, but since the death of his right hand man and built-in checks and balances dude Frank Wells in a helicopter crash in 1994(?), he's been surrounded by yes-men, and more devoted to the bottom line than the Disney heritage of quality entertainment. Plus, he lost the Pixar deal. He is the weakest link, goodbye.
  • I'll be getting my federal tax refund this week, or early next week. I've already received my state refund. Whee!
  • I ordered a pretty pretty pretty ring from the New Line Studio shop. This one, to be precise. Should be shipping in the next week or so. Whee!
  • I've been having fun making icons for lotricons and oneringicontest. Once again, you can peruse my creations here. Whee!

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But what shall we do about Scrappy Doo without grandfather's arsenal?

Feed 'im to Princess Anne's corgis?

Red Eye Removal = very, very funny.

Give some blood for me, too, as I can't. I am sick. Bleh.

*Jerry Lewis voice* Oh, Mr. Miyagi, I need more wasabi and hoisin for my friend from Finland, Mr. Halvicek! And Christopher Walken, nice Mr. Walken, needs some more baby corn, oh please?

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