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questions from lostvirtue

1) What made you choose to study theater?

I'd done some theatre in high school, but the thing that definitely made me want to major in it at college was seeing the touring production of "Tommy" at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts my junior or senior year of high school (of course, I think it was still just called "The Performing Arts Center" back then)

2) Would you turn down a great job offer from a company with quesitonable ethics?

Ooh, tough one. The greedy part of me wants to know if the ethics are unjust toward others, or just toward me. The noble part of me says that yes, I would turn it down, especially if its questionable ethics effected more than just me. Of course, I have worked for companies that some consider to have questionable ethics, so...

3) Would you break a law that you considered unjust?

Oh, I'm sure I've already violated some part of the PATRIOT ACT, so yes. WOOT! Civil Disobedience! And yes, I am prepared to face the consequences (but only if I'm caught!)

4) Would you surgically improve your body at the request of a lover?

Would they be footing the bill? Then no.

5) If you had to define "love" (we're talking romantic love here) in three paragraphs or less, how would you do it?

I'll adapt a thingy I put into a little book of quotations I collected, both mine and others'. "It's been said that lovers are the same soul split between two bodies. An admirable sentiment, but not quite accurate in my book. Lovers are two distinct souls, but are harmonics of each other, each resonating with their own tone, modality and pitch, but inciting a response that blends perfectly with and enhances what the other produces."

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