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My bordering-on-obscene obsession with Tolkien's work continues, with my recent purchase of Tom Shippey's J. R. R. Tolkien: Author of the Century. Shippey, for those of you who have watched the Appendices on the LOTR Extended Editions, is the gentleman with the vaguely Welsh dialect and mostly bald head who rhapsodizes about Tolkien's background, work, and philological influences and interests. The armchair philologist or linguist (i.e., me) will be on cloud nine with this book, as well as Shippey's earlier work, The Road to Middle Earth, which I've checked out of the library and will most likely buy in time.

Also on my reading list are several of Christopher Tolkien's companion books in the "History of Middle Earth" series.

Combining Tolkien with my love of things Tiki will be my next challenge, I think. No idea how that will work out, but it's sure to be gaudy and geeky.

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