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So...Eisner got a 43.3% No Confidence vote today, and former senator George Mitchell, John Bryson, and Judith Estrin on the Board of Directors got a 20% No Confidence vote. The Board has responded by splitting the positions of CEO and Chairman apart from each other, with Eisner remaining CEO and ex-senator Mitchell taking the reins as Chairman.

Nowhere near good enough. There needs to be all new blood on the board, with no one paying obsequies to Eisner.

Meanwhile, Roy Disney and Stanley Gold quashed any doubts I had that they were behind the Comcast takeover bid, and were very excited and pleased at the number of people that expressed dissatisfaction with the current board.

Now if we could just hold a referendum to recall (or censure, or impeach, or execute) Bush and his cronies, we might be getting somewhere.

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