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a little story: piano memories

In the autumn of 2001, during rehearsals of Chekhov's "The Three Sisters," I would sit in the men's dressing room at Loyola and fiddle around with the piano. Eventually, I futzed with some MIDI files enough that I printed out a couple of bits of sheet music, and started practicing with those. The one I practiced the most was "Cristofori's Dream," a new-age-y type piano piece by David Lanz. I eventually got pretty good at it, for a guy who quit piano lessons in 5th grade. I was proud of how I handled the left-hand octave stride, and some of the faster bits with the right hand. I managed to work quite a decent bit of emotion into that piece, with some parts forte, and some parts quite pianissimo. I practiced between my scenes almost every day for about two months, and then, the show went up, and I didn't play it nearly as much anymore.

I would occasionally play it on either my cheap-ass keyboard or Dan's more expensive one, but not enough to stay good at it. Then of course, Dan kicked me out, my keyboard went into storage, and I haven't played it for more than a year (probably closer to a year and a half, now.) But I still love that song. And maybe I can practice it again someday and become good at it once more.

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