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because I just know you all care about my choice of beverages...

and an update on my oh-so-newsworthy report of the trial of Diet Coke with Lime from a few days ago.

I'm now addicted to the stuff. I've been trying to drink diet soda more than the other sugary soda (NutraSweet-related cancer be damned), and have in fact just had my first non-diet soda in the past 3 days or so this evening (we had Pepsi in the fridge). I've been consuming usually two Diet Cokes with Limeses each day, one on the way to and one on the way home from work. Just had one least only one that I had to pay for. I did, however, have three PINTS of Diet Coke chilling out after work this evening, and added a lime to the last two. It helps cover up the diet-y taste.

And now back to my so-damn-sweet regular Pepsi, and some more Solitaire.

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