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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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Today...today...what did I do today?
Today I went to Lake Park Bistro with renface, using a $50 gift certificate my work gave me for one of two things (they gave me two of them, you see). Ren has a blurb about it in her LJ, but I'm just gonna say what I had to eat and give you a nice little link to a camera phone picture I took. Also, *points to the links list on his LJ* there's a link to my moblog, which is where said photo is. If you're lazy and don't want to look at my journal to find the link, I'll post it later in the entry.

At the place...with the food...ah, the restaurant, I had something called "Crepes 'Manhatten,'" which was a buckweat crepe (otay!) filled with thinly sliced ribeye, caramelized onions, and garnished with some sort of cheese (dunno what kind) and some little flecks of green herb-ish slurry that was quite tasty. Also came with a little arugula salad in a light vinaigrette with big slices of tomato on top. Had a glass of their house red wine (also tasty, some nice berry notes in it) and decided to have a bit of dessert; Red and Port Wine Poached Pear, served with a little scoop of cherry ice cream and an almond cookie. Definitely a tasty lunch. Pricy too, but the gift certificate covered all of our lunch for two, with money actually coming back to me.

As to the photo, it's of a funky looking tree in front of the restaurant. You can see it here. As a fun fact about Lake Park Bistro, before it was a trendy expensive French restaurant on the bluff overlooking Lake Michigan (many years before, in fact) it was the pavillion where my parents had their wedding reception. Weird.

And now, as a definite step down from Lake Park Bistro, I'm making a frozen pizza for dinner.

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This is funny because I had a turkey burger with cheese for supper along with a fistful of various sugary things.


I had fun today. Thank you for taking me.

James is talking about coming to the wedding in September. Perhaps you could make sure he doesn't get into any trouble if he comes? You could be his wacky tour guide or something. :p

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