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a little thingy I did in Paint Shop Pro

My buddy Adam is working on a DVD menu for his projects from his film major at Columbia College. With his permission, I did my own version of the menu he had worked on.

All the elements in this image started off as 2-D pictures. I created the wallpaper from a pretty small image that wasn't a seamless tile. With the use of some nifty filters, I added shadows, static to the screen, and illumination effects. I think it turned out really fricking cool.

A couple things to notice:

  • The poster's corner peeling up

  • The damage to the wallpaper

  • The subtle illumination on the pizza box from the static on the TV

  • There's actually scan lines on the static-y TV, as well. (OK, so it's really hard to notice. My photobucket account shrunk the dimensions of the image a little bit. They're there in the full size one, I swear!)


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