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Joke of the Night

A bear walks into a bar and orders a beer, but the bartender says "I'm sorry, we don't serve beers to bears in this bar."
So the bear asks for the beer again, and the bartender says the same thing.
This happens a few more times, and the bear is getting pissed off, so finally he gets up, grabs a woman from one of the stools, and eats her.
Now the bear says "See what you made me do? Now, give me a beer!"
"Sorry," says the bartender, "But we don't serve beers to bears in this bar, especially drug users."
"I don't do drugs..." says the bear.
"Don't gimme that shit," says the bartender, "I saw that bar-bitch-you-ate!"

If you don't get it, people, sound it out...

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