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meme-age, stolen from proverb

You are Gandalf. And there is work to be done.
LJ Username
So, Master Gandalf, what is your new quest?
And whither do you wander?
I take it you will be taking halflings again?
And who, Master Gandalf, shall you take as a warrior to protect
Will your quest be successful? (8) - As I see it, yes. - (8)
The reformed hell-raiser and recovering Ring-bearer not_fledged_yet
The devoted and slashable gardener filmdork99
The gentlemanly anal-retentive viper0775
The impertinent young aristocrat mintyduck
The doddery poet who is far too old for this kind of thing katrinathebunny
This quiz by mirabehn - Taken 1235 Times.

Your LJ Friends Band
LJ Username
The Drummer flashqz
Lead Guitar shuyobob
Keyboard stealthww
You Play the Mandolin
Genre Swing
Hit Song "My Computer Ate Your Dog"
This fun quiz by angiepenguin - Taken 2414 Times.
It could work, it would be fantastico!


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