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wheee! I'm bored!

What is the greatest movie of all time?The Silence of the Lambs
What was the first movie you ever saw?I think Bambi, or something like that...
What movie "changed" your life?Keeping the Faith, maybe? I dunno...
What movie creeped you out?Signs
What movie made you cry like river?What Dreams May Come
What is the best Sci-fi movie?Close Encounters of the Third Kind
What movie was sooo bad you walked out of it?I don't think I've ever walked out of one...I just avoid bad ones like the plague
What movie will be playin in Hell when you get there?Serial Mom
What actor walks on water?Kevin Spacey
What actress is "da bomb"?Judi Dench
What is your favorite franchise movies?Lord of the Rings
Movies that take place on the water or under the water?Finding Nemo
What is the most romantic film of all time?hmmmm...dunno...not really one for romantic movies...
What is your favorite foreign film?Do the Lord of the Rings ones count? they were made in New Zealand...
Who is your favorite director?at the moment...Peter Jackson
Movies today...too long?not long enough!
What is the sexiest movie you've ever seen?see comment for romantic films above.
What actor deserves to be shot like old yeller?Nicolas Cage
What actress offends the very universe with her "skills"?Jennifer Lopez
What movie is your "guilty" pleasure?Mystery Men
What three movies would make a great "film festival"?Keeping the Faith, Mystery Men, Zoolander...we'll go the Ben Stiller route
What is your favorite comedy?can I count a video of a stand-up routine? If so, "Dress to Kill", Eddie Izzard
Do you pay full price to see most of your movies?Yup
What is your favorite "Kid's market" movie?Toy Story 2
If you made a movie, what would the title be?The Soap Opera that is My Life, perhaps...
If you could cast someone in your role int he movie of your life...who'd it be?Edward Norton
Too many commercials before movies?indubitably
Do you like sequels?if they're well done, yes


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