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and in today's news, absolutely nothing happend to Chris

yep, it's true. I've done nothing today.

Tomorrow, on the other hand, I make a flying trip to Chicago with mom to try to get access to my storage locker, and endeavor to find my Windows XP key hidden in some of my boxes down there. Probably bring back as many books as I can fit in the Buick, too.

Complicating this plan is the fact that the interstate is gonna be locked down in a couple spots because Laura Bush is gonna be around for some ungodly reason or other. Ok, someone tell me why the hell a librarian married a man who is anything but the poster-boy for intellectual curiousity? The man has all the intelligence of a bowl of corn flakes. And if there's anything he does not know (and what he does not know is basically the entire contents of the Oxford English Dictionary and Encyclopaedia Brittanica combined), he doesn't feel the need to find out what it is. Why? Why was such an incurious little monkey handed the reins to everything in his life, when it's obvious he's done nothing to deserve it, apart from being rich? I so hope the wheel of karma finally catches up and runs his sorry ass down.

I've been trying to get my LJ linked to and, but have been running into some difficulties. Dunno why, but oh well.

Um, more later, I guess.

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