March 6th, 2003



had fun mucking about downtown Cedarburg with Ren (renface) today. Got a fun hat at the only cool store there, "Screaming Tuna". it says "LOSER" on the front. We think my therapist will find it funny "Well, at least you have a sense of humor about it!" Thank you for gallavanting about with me, Ren!

in other news, Kay (roolet) has a nifty poll thingy up, but since I'm blocked, I can't post my fun (and by and large nice) comments there. *shrug* oh well. I guess she doesn't want my ego stroking...her loss.

And I had Chinese food for dinner, and am now paying the price...*gets the Pepto and a can of Neutra-air ready*
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    slightly gassy (bet ya wanted to know that!)