February 24th, 2008



Nader, for the love of all that's holy, just what the hell do you think you're doing? You sit on your hands for three and a quarter years doing jack shit, and then you decide you're going to jump up and join run for the presidency? Are you on crack?!

Firefox is having an identity crisis...

for all my geeks out there...when I got my Mac, I imported my existing Firefox profile into it...but now the user string that I keep sending out whenever I visit any site says I'm still running Firefox on a Windows box. Any ideas? I know it's not a huge deal, but I'm baffled, and I suspect it's why I have to dig around on some sites to get the Mac version of programs...

EDIT: Never mind...I got it. just had to dig around in about:config and reset the general.useragent.override value. yay!
i find your lack of pants disturbing

and in other, less technical news

since it was positively balmy today (38º! I was outside without a jacket!) I was out chopping ice off the sidewalk and driveway today...more than an inch in some places...but now I have two nice blisters on my hand from using the damn ice choppy thing. ow.
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