March 9th, 2008

gene pool needs chlorinating

I'm as liberal as the day is long, but some people are just thin skinned...

Years ago, shortly after I made this user icon *points* it got posted to the userpicks community (although they didn't say it was mine, just who they saw had it. No was and is freely gankable). Now, I'm pretty proud of this icon, because I wound up making the pebbly, swimming pool wall texture from scratch. And I thought it communicated the notion of a swimming pool pretty distinctly, what with the caustic lighting and texture and use of the word "pool" and all.

Well, some nitwit in the community decided that contrary to all evidence, it was an Auschwitz joke, and they were mortally offended.

I thought about pointing out that it was Zyklon B in most of the concentration camps, but then I realized that if I identified myself as the icon's creator, that I'd then open myself up to be called a bunch of nasty names. So I figured that it wasn't worth the drâma that would ensue, and let it be. The mortally offended person got called an idiot by persons other than me, and I was content.

I just thought I'd share this little story with you, and see what you guys think...offensive as hell to Jews or just morons? :)

P.S. I'm an honorary Jew, according to several of my Jewish friends, so take that into consideration, will you? :)

EDIT: I went back through the userpicks archives and found the entry in question. Turns out they weren't intimating it was a Holocaust joke, they were intimating it was a "Chlorine bleach makes things whiter" racist joke, which is even more of a stretch, in my opinion. Someone responded to her and asked if she thought cops eating bananas were racist. :)
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I just watched "Who Killed the Electric Car?"...

and I am pissed off at just how entrenched everyone is...god forbid all the money that gets pissed away into research and development actually be used to INNOVATE!

I am completely unimpressed with the status quo, and damn if I'm never buying a GE vehicle in my life. (those two thoughts are related, incidentally...but they really won't make sense unless you've seen the documentary.)