March 18th, 2008


Worst. Day. Ever.

Today at work was just filled with my boss and me putting out as many fires as we could...and every time we'd get something resolved, something new would pop up. Not to mention the unmitigated dumbassery that every provider exhibited...and being short person on vacation, one unexpectedly out sick...Gah, I vill kill everyvun in ze world!

I'm going to the gym in a little bit, to work off some of this anger, so I don't wind up invading Poland. (You thought I forgot Poland, didn't you?)
i am a king prawn ok?

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ah, screw the gym...I'm too wiped out from this day...I think I'll just stay home and self-medicate (read: Have a rum and coke or two). maybe I'll turn in early and see if I make it in the morning...
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