March 21st, 2008


Worst. Day. Ever. For real this time...

driving home from work this afternoon in the driving snow (you see what I did there?) all of a sudden my car ceases it's forward movement, and starts to slow down. I pull off to the side, call my uncle the mechanic, and wait for quite some time for him to arrive. Turns out the timing belt went kspltzy. No idea how much it's gonna be to repair, but not cheap. Uncle drove me home, I called the police in the village where the car died to tell them it wasn't abandoned, then call a tow truck company. $84 later, the car's back in my driveway (that I had to shovel over a foot of snow out of).

I'm going to start drinking, shortly.

On the plus side, I finally got my reimbursement checks for the prescriptions I had to pay out of pocket for 26 days ago (took their sweet time, they did!), and I got a voucher from a Microsoft class action settlement that, provided I can furnish proof of purchasing a computer product since september of 2006 (Mom's computer should do, if not the Mac {they said it need not be a MS product}), entitles me to up to $320 (less if the product(s) purchased cost less than $320).

Now, I go eat. (And stop using parentheses)