May 3rd, 2008

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looking for a good use for your federal bailout check, or at least a small part of it?

May I recommend Project H Design, then? It's a "charitable organization that supports, inspires, and delivers life-improving humanitarian product design solutions" which sounds very vaporous until you peruse their website.

The solutions are not necessarily high tech, but they tackle some big problems in developing areas.

Me? I sent then $25 to buy a Lifestraw family water filter, which willl remove 99.999% of water-borne bacteria, viruses and parasites from up to 15000 liters of water, giving a family in Mumbai almost 2 years worth of clean, potable water.

Just something to consider.
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¡Cuidado con los osos polares de merodeadores!

We're doing a ¡Cinco de Mayo, olé! thingy at work on Monday (I shall forever after write it out like that, simply because I like the upside-down exclamation point), and since everyone's bringing in taco fixings and chips and salsa, I've decided I'm going to bring in Chocolate Chili brownies. Ancho and chipotle, baby! Oh, and some cinnamon and vanilla, just for you pansies out there...haven't decided if I want to put a tidge of powdered ginger in there, too, but probably not, as several people at work can't stand it (like they're gonna go wild for spicy chocolate!)...ah well. Spices are mostly assembled, I just need to get the brownie mix (I don't care about my coworkers quite enough to make brownies from scratch, thank you), so I shall be off to the store in a little bit.
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