June 21st, 2008


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  • 22:32 so pissed off at Congress today. I think the prats at the telcos just creamed themselves today. grrrr. #
  • 22:47 gin and tonics help extinguish the smouldering rage inside. #
  • 23:47 @dittrich yes! they are your plastic pals that are fun to be with! #
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Hunter, over at the Daily Kos, absolutely nails it on why so many of us cared about the whole FISA/Retroactive immunity deal, and why we are so aghast that more people didn't. Long story short, don't shit all over the Constitution and give corporations more consideration that citizens and expect me not to want to kick your ass.

The mind boggles, some days. The hell is wrong with these politicians?
alton, hip to be square

On a happier, more pleasant, and more booze related note...

I was rereading some of the RSS feeds I've saved, and one from the Chicagoist had me reaching for my gin to try a new twist on a Gin and Tonic...

Grab yourself a sprig of rosemary, bruise it (they hit it with a cast iron pan, I just crushed it with my fingers a bit) drop it in a glass, cover it with ice, add your gin and tonic in a 1:3 ratio or so (any more and you won't taste the rosemary).

Let it sit for about five minutes.

Add the juice from a lime wedge.


Feel civilized.

Next time on "Good Drinks," a perfectly good classic gin martini hopelessly adulterated with fizzy Italian Blood Orange soda.
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