September 3rd, 2008

obama yes we can has

Morning commutes are going to be the death of me. Or others.

Dear my morning drive time radio station,

I realize that yes, it technically qualifies as "news," but the fact remains that audio from the Republican National Convention has the unfortunate tendency to make me grit my teeth and barely suppress the urge to yell at my radio station and/or run already moronic drivers with McSame McCain stickers in their back windshields off the road and into a retention pond. Please for my sake, and that of the mouth-breathing troglodytes other drivers on the road, cease and desist forthwith.

Thank you.
obama orange

This progressive's battle cry.

I want a president who reads. One who makes time to read, loves to read, and actually can read.

I want a president who's not going to make nice with the wanna-be pundits out there. I want a president who will call them to the carpet, and tell them to sit down and shut up when they're wrong. And the wanna-be pundits almost always are wrong.

I want a president who's curious about the world, and who doesn't try to make everything and everyone fit into some cookie-cutter, easy to swallow, xenophobic, pablum-ified, fratboy-nicknamed category of "the scary Other," but actually takes the time not only to understand other people for himself, but can and does articulate why we should actually care about countries that are not America.

I want a president who does not care what Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and all the other bloviators think or say about him. Their audiences are unreachable anyway, so just ignore them into irrelevance. Watching Limbaugh's head explode when his audience share drops would be so sweet.

I want a president in the mold of "Fighting" Bob LaFollette, one who does not think that liberal means pansy, one that believes progressives are the intellectual and political heirs of the Founding Fathers, and that thinks conservatives are, as FDR put it, people who, despite having two good legs, have never learned to walk forward.

I want a president who is willing to fight tooth and nail to end corporate exploitation, loopholes, and malfeasance, and who seeks to actively punish those who have abused their corporate charters for their own enrichment.

I want a president who does not believe that government is incapable of being a force for good in the lives of its citizens, and then seeks to prove that theory by selecting the most inept, incapable and incompetent co-conspirators he can find for positions of authority.

I want a president who believes that the Free Market exists to serve the citizenry, not to dominate them.

I want a president that does not think that the rich are more deserving of healthcare than the poor, and who is not indebted to the rich for his election.

I want a president who believes that science is to be embraced, and that innovention is to be budgeted for, not stifled in the name of fear or complacency or superstition.

I want a president who is not in bed with Big Oil, Big Tobacco, Big Insurance, Big Business, Big Agriculture, or any other interest besides America and her citizens.

I want a president who finds it disgusting that corporations are treated as citizens, while citizens are treated as mere consumers.

I want a president who does not believe that America is a Christian nation, God's most favored nation, God's least favored nation, or indeed that God, should such a deity exist, actually knows or cares what America does, so long as America behaves in a just and decent way towards all.

I want a president that believes that the Constitution was forged to grant liberties to citizens, not eliminate them.

Above all, I want a president that I can be proud of, and that will make America a nation I can be proud of again.