October 5th, 2008

kermit spaz

I'm home from the wedding

So Andrew and Emily are hitched, which is awesome, and I'm home having braved the roads of Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin over the last two days...driving home from Kenosha in a thunderstorm was fun...

But anyway, I got to see some great friends that I hardly ever get to see, so that alone made the trip worth it. Anytime I get to see them is a great time.

Especially if booze and hoarse, lousy karaoke to "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen is involved. Which it may or may not have been.
bunny yay!

Oh, one more thing...

As expected, my paranoia was unfounded. Kiwi the bunny is just fine, and ran over to see me and to beg me for goodies as soon as I walked in.

He got a papaya tablet and a bunch of romaine for his exuberance.
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