October 19th, 2008

oh poopy

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and now Lily is the rabbit that doesn't want to eat. what is with my bunnies?

We've got some Petromalt in her, and if she doesn't show signs of improvement in the next 2 hours or so, we'll start in with the Critical Care.

I swear, they enjoy freaking me out...
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hell hath no fury like a rabbit scorned

Well, we got the better part of a syringe of a mixture of simethicone (anti-gas), Critical Care (powdered hay and plant matter for feeding) and Petromalt (slicks up her insides to help blockages move) into Lily, following up on one that we gave her an hour earlier. She's strong enough still to demonstrate her displeasure with the procedure, so that's good. Hopefully this will help to keep the mail moving, and ease up on the gas pains she's got. (Rabbits cannot burp or vomit, so pressure builds up in the gut and makes them very uncomfortable)

Here's hoping she starts to improve!
bunny yay!

rabbit update...she's eating!

Lily just started chowing down on some parsley I gave her. This comes after three syringe feedings plus petromalt early this morning. I'm cautiously optimistic.

I think Kiwi climbing into the hay bin next to lay next to her helped quite a bit.
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this has not been a good day for our pets...

Our 18 year old dog Honey has been ailing for the last few weeks...we think she's getting little doggy transient ischemic attacks...her balance has been off, she's been drained of energy most of the time, and her bladder control seems to be suffering.

Tonight we took her to the emergency vet because she fell over, lost bladder and bowel control and was panting with her tongue hanging way out. She seemed to have minimal muscle control, as well.

She's stable now, and they've got her in overnight for observation. She's got an IV for fluids and electrolytes, and she's all tucked in under a fleece blanket. She looked totally wiped out when we went in to say goodnight.

I'm not ready to say goodbye to her just yet, but it seems like that day may be coming up sooner than I thought it would have, even given her age. She's just declined abruptly over the last few weeks, and I'm starting to think her race may be run...

Work tomorrow is going to be hell. Send happy thoughts to my dog, would you, LJ?
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