October 21st, 2008

freaking beaker out

why I'm not a veterinary tech...

So our attempts to get subcutaneous fluids into our dog tonight were ultimately successful, but didn't exactly endear ourselves to her. the big problem is that at the vet, she's scared, which cows her a bit. at home, she's, well, not. the insertion of the needle into her scruff was met with resistance, which made the first 3 attempts rather unpleasant for all parties, I fear.

but we got around 100 cc's into her, ultimately. she's not too thrilled, and she's in the midst of another one of her coughing jags, but she's still alive and kicking, and seems to be in good spirits (albeit sleepy), and that's what's important. doesn't stop me from being worried, though.

Edited to add: The little girlie's drifted off to sleep, and mercifully the coughing's stopped. I'm worried she may have aspirated a little bit when we were syringing her with food and water earlier, but I may just be paranoid. She's been coughing on and off for the last several days, even before the syringing didn't go as well today as it had previously. Anyway, she's snoozing, and recovering strength, so that's good.