December 21st, 2008

hot pocket about to call in sick

another milestone

I neglected to mention last week that I got my student loan paid off as well. We had transferred it to a credit card with a lower interest rate a few years back, and it's now wiped out. Sorry to gloat, but now I have no personal debt remaining, and I can focus on helping mom pay off our Disney vacation from last August, and the vet bills on CareCredit that we racked up for our much-missed Honey dog.

Yay! I fixed something!

There's a little thing in OS X that had been driving me absolutely batty for weeks: Whenever I would go to change my desktop image, the preferences pane would blank out and not display any of the images to choose from. So I would have to do this crazy dance with it of checking the "rotate images" box, and then close it, and then re-open, and uncheck, and then close and reopen and wait for the thumbnails to rebuild. Insanity.

Today I did some Googling, and it sounded like people were having similar issues when they had installed Aperture. Now, I installed a demo of it a while back, then removed it. So I looked up how to uninstall cleanly, and I learned of a folder in the ~/Library called "Caches" and lo and behold, in the "Desktop" folder in there was a cache of the folders that it was pulling the images from. So I deleted the corresponding cache file, and voila! The thumbnails load cleanly and with no fuss!

Yay me!