May 21st, 2009

good news everyone toaster

*waves at everyone*

I haven't posted, because things, apart from rehearsal, have been pretty uneventful. But I'm not dead!
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aquarium tikis


I just made up a Tiki drink out of whole cloth, and it turned out to be awesome! I will post it tomorrow on the booze blog. I've gotta see if I can recreate it, first (I was sort of improvising).

OH MY GAH IT'S SO GOOD! (But you'll need to make a few homemade ingredients, first...or find them pre-made online and pay through the nose for them...but homemade is SO MUCH BETTER!)

OK, done raving now. (And no, prior to this, I had not been drinking much...I had a single cocktail over the course of an hour.)
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