December 21st, 2009

aquarium tikis

It's been more than a week, I should have SOMETHING to say...


This week, I had the most Mad Science gigs I've had for several weeks...a whopping three (it's understandable...December is traditionally a rather slow month for MS, it many schools getting ready to hibernate for winter break). I had my last robots session at one school, a session for the Cudahy Parks & Rec department on Friday afternoon with a theme of "Holidaze," which was kinda fun, and a birthday party on Saturday afternoon that I kicked major butt at, if I do say so myself. The kids were laughing at all the bad puns and silly things I threw in, and the birthday boy's parents were laughing at all the jokes that flew over the heads of the kids. Half of them I didn't even realize I was making until after they were out of my mouth...they were all clean, don't worry. Just a little more esoteric than most 10 year olds would get. I really think the party went extremely well, and I'm very pleased with myself (even if I didn't get a tip...oh well). I even timed it perfectly: I had an add-on to introduce to the mix, and still had to keep the time at 60 minutes, so they could do the cake, ice cream and presents...I totally nailed it. Yay me!

Today I wrapped all but one of mom's Xmess prezzies, and that last one is en route from Amazon. Should arrive Wednesday. Other than that, not too much else is going on. We got our HDTV last Wednesday, but have not hooked it up yet, as we have to do some cleaning and organizing in the living room in order to get access to the entertainment center. We're also pricing Blu-Ray players. Found a decent sounding one for about $175, but we'll wait to see if the price goes down a bit after the new year. I also have to edit down my aunt's first craft instruction DVD, but that shouldn't be too problematic. Mostly it's trimming the head and foot of each clip, throwing it a small transition, and getting it prepped. Simple enough.

That's all I've got for now, gang. I'll keep you posted.
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