February 23rd, 2012


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Lily is gone. We took her to the vet this morning after she was reluctant to eat all day yesterday, and unable to poop. The X-rays showed Lily only had a single kidney, which had stones in it, come calciferous materials in her thorax, and a kidney stone lodged in her ureter. The stone was potentially operable, but in a very risky spot, just under the spine. Lily's sole kidney was four times normal size, possibly because the stone in the ureter was causing urine to back up into it, which was also toxifying it. The kidney was pushing down on her cecum, leading to issues with digestion, and perhaps as a result, her stomach was full of food and material she was having a hard time digesting. Facing a microsurgery that she, at age seven, was unlikely to easily recover from, assuming the vet was able to find, remove and stitch up the ureter, and a significant amount of pain coming from the failing kidney, we chose to let her go.

I've lost both my rabbits this month. I'm absolutely gutted. The house seems so empty.
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