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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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(no subject)
on the subject of my stab at not eating meat, i've decided that if I stick with it for an extended trial period, here's what's in and out.


  • beef. (free range is OK)

  • chicken. (free range is OK)

  • pig.

  • bunnies. (not that I ever ate them anyway...)

  • lamb. (not crazy about Greek food anyway...except maybe baklava)


  • fish

  • eggs

  • cheese

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mmm baklava

thats a good starting plan CD

Agreed - that is a good place to start. Don't eliminate *everything* - it would drive you insane!

You people are all weak! =p

cheese is always okay!!!

Until it gives you kidney stones. o_o

Lighten up on the Chris-man. He lives in Wisconsin. If he gave up cheese, he could be deported to Rhode Island or worse... Texas.

I saw that you added meas a friend, yay! New people are always fun.

As for the diet... I could never do it. Bunny is just such a staple food for me. I eat all crazy kinds of bunny. Bunny soup, bunny stew, fried bunny, bunnies and pea pods, bunny ala king... you get the picture. Mmm Mmm bunny.


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