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El chupacabra tomó mis pantalones

el Jesús grande de la mantequilla

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Why didn't they announce this sooner?!
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, December 10th, House of Blues Chicago! Curse them for not announcing it until now!

Now I'm gonna have to ask at work about the feasability of getting that day off...and see if anyone will go with...can't very well go to the HOB all by my lonesome...

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Sorry, I can't go because I have to work until 11 that night. It's next Friday. Dang. Sorree.

omg, you like Big Bad Voodoo Daddy?! *dies* Scotty Morris, the singer, is my uncle's best friend! He's the godfather of my uncle's children (they being my cousins, yanno)! Yay, someone else in the world who knows they exist!! :D

Wow...that's just too frookin' cool!

I have to see how much tickets are...that's gonna determine a lot of things...but I really really wanna see them...it's been like 5 years since I saw them live...and it was a kick-ass show (and at the House of Blues in Chicago that time, too...)

I thought I heard they were doing a Christmas album...do you know anything about that?

I have a Christmas EP of theirs from before they got signed to a major label -- I ought to burn you a copy and send it to you :) Scotty signed it for me, too :) It has some wicked fun songs, as well as "You and me and the bottle makes three tonight." I don't know if they're going to make another one, though. That'd be tight if they do!

Cor, I sound like such a fangirl! Ah, who cares ;)

They DO have a new Christmas CD...


and here I thought I was going crazy...

Just discovered tickets are in my price league...$22.50 plus any applicable fees...perhaps I'll see if my buddy in Chicago wants to go see them.

Oh, and their zoot suits kick so many different kinds of ass it's astonishing...

Yay! They get more and more fun each time they play live!

Zoot suits are hot. Especially with fedoras. That's all there is to it!


Have you checked out this new book by Sean Astin that gives his take on the filming of the "Rings" trilogy? Just figured it would be up your alley.

Oh yes...own it, read it, pretty good...he gets a bit preachy and grumbly at times, but it's not bad.

Argh. I'm so jealous! I *love* them! But I'm much too poor to travel to Chicago for it. Poo.

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