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those of you who load up my journal may go "jeez, did it get corrupted or something?"

no. I started by changing my name field into a rather cool Old English phrase, earmsceapen on weras wæstmum, "another wretched creature in the shape of a man" (from Beowulf) and wound up going a little Old English crazy.

  • So the title of my journal is now líxte se léoma ofer landa fela, "light from it shone out over many lands."

  • My recent entries page is labeled emnnæþ of geþoht, or roughly "plains of thought," and on the sidebar, eald heafod geweorcen, "old works of the head."

  • My calendar page is eald geþohten, "old thoughts" (assuming that I got the conjugation and pluralization correct).

  • My friends page is now orþanc freonden geweorc, "the cunning work of my friends," with the link from the main page being simply freonden, "friends," since the whole thing wouldn't fit in the customization field.

  • The link to the user info page is acyþan þider writere, literally "about thither writer."

  • The links header, bindan fierlen stede is more or less "join/bind to far places" (hey, you try working out the notion behind hyperlinks in Old English!) And the current music and current mood fields are ic hyren:("I hear,") and modes singan of: ("My soul sings of," since I couldn't find any equivalent of "feel" in the OE lexicon I used.)

  • The "forward" and "back" links are replaced by feran and bæc

  • And the "Leave a comment" and "comment(s)" fields have been replaced by abeodan ("Give a report") and andswerian/andswerianen ("reply/replies").

So yeah. I'm a dork. We'll leave it at that.

Oh, and if any of you have a better understanding of Old English than I, please feel free to correct me. :)

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